Red Bull asks for changes in Albert Park, to stimulate the rebases

The Red Bull team was one of the hardest hit by the Albert Park track, circuit in which Formula 1 opened the season 2018 - the race was won by Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari). Daniel Ricciardo made a big comeback at the start of the competition, but Max Verstappen lost his position against Kevin Magnussen's Haas - a car that by the way was left out, but that, throughout the first stint, made life difficult for Dutch and practically left him out of the pod.

"It should be analyzed if there is a simple solution such as creating a larger braking zone," Christian Horner said of the characteristics of the track, which makes overpassing too difficult, even if the back pilot is much faster, there is no room to pass. "You try, but there is no difference, even if you are a second and a half faster, it is not possible to get it," explained Verstappen, who also had a spin that made his career even more difficult, which ended behind Fernando Alonso'sMcLaren , which could not happen either.

Charlie Whiting recommended, two years ago, a modification in the drawing. The project was archived and this weekend it was again a topic of conversation. "We have discussed some changes in the design of the track with the promoter, there is a project that could be done, but I am not sure where we could be since it was an idea that I gave them a couple of years ago. you must forget that this is a park with public thoroughfare, so it is not as easy to make as on a race track, "said the manager regarding Albert Park is semi-urban and public use.Get valuable football predictions on

The idea is to change curves 11 and 12, a pretty fast Chicana, for a much slower one; a braking point like the one Horner wanted. "I have not had any conversation with Christian (Horner), or the FIA, or Formula 1 about it, but what I would also say is that the investigation did not produce anything conclusive that would lead to a marked change in overtaking on the circuit." Motorsport noted Andrew Westacott head of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation.

"There may be some potential positive aspects, but there may be some negative aspects associated with the impact on driving ability, if there are some ideas that others have, such as astute racers like Ross Brawn and Charlie Whiting, then, like everything, we will talk in collaboration with them and we will see if it is worth doing them or revising more ".